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We've designed this 14 inch kids cycle for children who love outdoors and is suitable for kids for 3 to 5 years.
Size 14 inch
Frame designed  Our engineers have designed a new sturdy steel frame. The frame's rear chain stays are short, making the bike responsive and easy to handle.
Controlled braking Caliper Brake pads for effective braking. These brakes are composed of calipers that exert more or less pressure on the rim to slow or stop the rotation of the wheels. As children have smaller hands than adults, it's not always easy for them to reach the brake lever. This is why our engineers and designers have designed a brake lever closer to the handlebars that are easier to hold. The brakes are now in reach of little hands!
Single speed With only one speed, the bike is simple and remains effective on flat terrain.
Frame design This robust steel frame is designed to overcome obstacles on all your outings
A reinforced ergonomic saddle A saddle with a sporty design, designed with care to adapt to the morphology of children. It is equipped with a plastic cover at the back (a bumper) to protect against any impacts.
14 wheels and all terrain tyres

The tyres are designed for mountain biking. The side lugs provide good grip on turns. The recommended tyre pressure is displayed on the tyre sidewall.


The wheels are made of alloy which makes the cycle light weight and  it is corrosion or rust free


Adjustable seat with quick release mechanism and adjustable handle bar

Safety First 

 It comes with fully enclosed Chain Guard, Safety Grips, Heavy Duty Training Wheels 

Seat Support

Seat Support helps your kid to be relaxed while they are enjoying the ride. 

It is easily removable


Comes with the mudguards which helps your kid to be dust free and not splash water and dirt on the back

Side Wheels 

Easily detachable side wheels which helps the kid in balancing the bike

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